This page is dedicated to the tools I use on a daily basis to manage my finances and investments! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about any of them. Some products offer affiliate links where you and I will be rewarded 🙂 In any case, these are tools that I personally use and that I recommend!

Ledger – Hardware crypto wallet

I use a Ledger Nano S Plus to store the majority of my cryptocurrencies. Such hardware ensures that my crypto-currencies are held only by me. Indeed, by having your own private key, only the person with this tool can access the tokens on their corresponding blockchain. I really became aware of the importance of not leaving my crypto-currencies on online platforms with the Bear market of 2022 where I could see some platforms going bankrupt, suspending withdrawals, or also getting hacked. Moral: Not Your Keys, Not your Coins.

YNAB – You Need A Budget

YNAB is my web and mobile application that allows me to manage my budget from month to month! With YNAB, I track all my expenses and I know exactly how my money is used. This is how I was able to increase my savings rate very quickly from 30% to 50% in 3 months! If you want to get started, this is the place to go : Site officiel de YNAB

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    VIAC – My 3rd pillar in the stock market!

    VIAC is one of my favorite tools! It allows me to take advantage of the tax reduction of the pillar 3a in Switzerland, but also to invest part of these assets in the stock market in order to optimize my return! On top of that, the management fees are extremely low, unlike other institutions that take away your return with their exorbitant fees. With VIAC, you define your own investment strategy and risk profile! Your money can be invested in ETFs up to 97%. Contact me if you want a referral code that will allow you to reduce your management fees even more 🙂

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      Interactive Brokers – My online broker

      If you dream of becoming FIRE one day or increasing your passive income sources, you need to invest! The goal here is simple: You need to make your money work for you every moment of your life. Everyone has to find their own investment strategy. For my part, I invest mainly in global ETFs in order to minimize the risk and to preserve my investments. I expect an average return of 6 to 8% over the long term (more than 10 years).

      In terms of fees, they are extremely competitive and you have access to all possible markets. Some people recommend Degiro if you have less than 100’000 CHF invested, as the fees would be even lower than Interactive Brokers. As of July 2021, the CHF 10.- CHF fee for inactive accounts or accounts with less than CHF 100’000.- CHF is eliminated! This makes IBKR the best platform for the swiss people!

      Homemade Net Worth Calculator

      The tracking and analysis of my net worth is a process that I apply rigorously. In collaboration with my friend Arturo Fich, we have developed a Google Sheet from scratch that allows us to do this monthly tracking and especially to analyze the composition of our various assets. Key features:

      • Monthly analysis and capital recovery from the previous year
      • Automatic and dynamic conversion of currencies to CHF thanks to Google Finance
      • Visualization of the evolution and composition of assets
      • Management of accounts in cash, real estate, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, other valuable assets

      If you are interested, don’t hesitate to download our home-made calculator. If you are not interested, you probably haven’t read the articles on the subject yet 🙂

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