Below, I offer a list of books that I personally recommend or that have been recommended to me by an acquaintance with whom I have exchanged on the subject of personal finance. If you are interested in these books, I provide direct links to Amazon with which I will receive a small commission on the sale. I thank you in advance for using these affiliate links 🙂

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, of Mark Manson

This personal development book was recommended to me by a friend on Twitter. It is written with a lot of humor and easily appeals to people who don’t like to read too much or who don’t usually enjoy self-help books. This book really puts the essentials of life into perspective. The way Mark Manson is able to vulgarize sometimes complex concepts, makes this book really accessible to everyone. The book is really funny and allows to appreciate life as it is and helps to make the right choices.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, of Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book is just amazing! I recently ordered it and I devoured all 336 pages in 4 days! This is truly a best seller that everyone interested in financial independence should have read! This book has a rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon (over 3000 reviews) and is ranked as a best seller in the « Jobs and Careers » category. It is often cited as the best personal finance book of all time! It’s a book that breaks the myth that you have to make a lot of money to get rich. Another aspect I liked was that he explains to parents that they should not rely on or rely on the education system to teach their children the basics of money. He lays out his approach, which doesn’t have to be taken literally, so that your children will have this money culture. In addition to being an excellent book, the edition below includes 9 sections of study sessions that can be used as a guide while reading or during discussions and exchanges on this topic.

The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and join the New Rich, of Timothy Ferris

Excellent book too! Timothy Ferris explains in this book how he managed to escape the metro-busy-sleepy routine and earn money without burning out. Basically, he gives advice for those who dream of living better by working less. There is a big focus on organization that teaches how to earn the equivalent of a month’s salary in just 4 hours a week. When you put it that way, it sounds a bit crazy, but the foundation of these different principles are very interesting. Beware, after reading this book, you might want to change your lifestyle! 🙂 I would have warned you. Finally, the author draws these tips from his own experience and explains how it is reasonably possible to halve one’s workload by identifying the essential and most profitable tasks, to use remote assistance to set up a « management by absence », to cultivate selective ignorance thanks to a diet of information… and all this with a single goal: to have a great career as an entrepreneur by working only 4 hours a week! This book leaves you dreaming! I highly recommend it!

Tools of Titans, de Timothy Ferris

Second recommendation of this author! This book is really a Best Seller in the world and is not structured like an ordinary book that you read page by page. It contains 200 interviews with personalities who have achieved great success in their lives, whether it be financially, in their careers or in sports. The book contains these different interviews and above all many tools that allowed the author to be where he is today. It’s not my favorite book personally, but I do read a few interviews a month when I have free time and I pick up on some points that I find interesting. This book should be seen as a toolbox.

Think and Grow Rich, de Napoleon Hill

This book was recommended to me by Brisly, a very active tweeter-girl in crypto right now. It’s a reproduction of the original, first edition work by Napoleon Hill and it’s also the only original version recommended by the foundation of the same name that was printed in 1937. Over 80 million copies have already been sold! I haven’t read it yet to be transparent, but it’s on my list!

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