Who is Mr. GP ?

GoldenPioche.ch was created in the winter of 2021 with the objective of compiling different articles that I wanted to share! After reading many articles, books and blogs about financial independence and personal savings, I decided to share all this information through this blog to prove that there are many ways to optimize your wealth while living in Switzerland, regardless of your salary. Most of the basic principles of financial independence are applicable to everyone, depending on the objective.

As for me, I will call myself Mr. GP through the different articles of this blog. I’m a IT security engineer in my mid-thirties and have been living in the canton of Fribourg all my life. I come from a normal family from a financial point of view.

I am by nature curious and always on the lookout for new knowledge, whatever the subject or topic, as long as it interests me. I am convinced that our current learning and educational system, as good and efficient as it is, is not yet adapted to the evolution we are going through. I am passionate about my job and could not do without it, but I strongly recommend continuing education in any field. It is important for me to always learn something new, every week.

Personal and blog goals

The idea of being financially independent is a concept that I really like. In other words, to be able to live in a decent way without having to depend on someone. The goal here is not to become rich in order to live in luxury. The goal is really to be able to live a life free of any obligation to an employer and this before the legal retirement age. If you are interested in the concept of frugality and the FIRE movement, the Fuck-You-Number is a notion that will appear very quickly and that is nothing else than the capital necessary to have in order to retire at a defined date.

My current goal is ambitious; I would like to stop working with my spouse at the age of 50. I have less than 20 years left to achieve this independence and a little more for my spouse (hereafter referred to as Mrs. GP). A few years ago, the GP family’s savings rate was about 15%, which is not so bad but not enough to reach our goal. We are aiming for an average savings rate of about 35-40% within 1 year (cumulative income). To reach this ambitious rate, we have and will implement different savings strategies and change some of our habits; this will be our guideline for the coming years, but will obviously be prone to change according to the evolution of our personal and professional situation.

The purpose of this blog is to share our experiences, good or bad, and to give some help, or a kind of guideline, to anyone who has a similar goal or who is simply interested in personal savings as a Swiss resident.

Why share this information?

I have always been convinced that the best way to learn, memorize and delve into a specific subject is to talk about it. This is a proven fact! Having to explain a specific thing in detail to someone, having to find the right words and adapt your speech to the person’s level of knowledge, is one of the best ways to memorize and master a subject. Moreover, I have always loved sharing and exchanging on topics related to everyday life.

At this point, I don’t know if I’m going to publish the GP family numbers. I know that many people who are active and maintain a similar blog do so regularly, but I’m not yet convinced of the real benefit of this practice. On the one hand, I understand that it can be a source of motivation and some sort of proof of success, but on the other hand, it remains a personal financial data and could potentially attract haters or other skeptics. We’ll see about that in time.

Why subscribe to this blog?

First, you have to be interested in the subject. That is undeniable. Then here are some arguments that I think make sense.

  • I’m not a rich kid. My parents both work 100% and have a normal income.
  • I haven’t won the lottery and I’m not likely to because I don’t play. My investments are therefore real.
  • The family situation of the GP is classic: in couple, not married, a beautiful little girl and we work at 100 and 60 %.
  • We live in Switzerland, in the French speaking part. The content of this blog is therefore perfectly adapted to the Swiss public.
  • The articles are based exclusively on real life experiences of the GP family.

I hope these main arguments will be enough to motivate you to follow this blog and subscribe!

Important notice

Mr. GP is in no way a financial advisor or an investment expert. All the content shared in this blog comes from my personal reading, knowledge and experience. This blog was created for informational and entertainment purposes only. No content shared here should be considered as any kind of financial advice. Under no circumstances will I be held responsible for any financial loss or other harm that a reader may incur as a result of the application or implementation of anything on this site.

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