July 2021 – Evaluation of goals

As a reminder, at the beginning of July, I had put on paper the list of my personal goals that I had set for this year 2021. With a big delay, here is the status of these for July. I took the numbers as of July 31 of course.

This update is a little bit late, because the formatting of all these statistics and especially the collection of all the amounts since January took me a little time. It will be much faster for the next months.

General overview

Overall, I am very pleased with the progress of the goals! At the end of July, I had an average progress rate of 56%!

Progress rate

As some objectives started late in the year, for example the translation of the articles into English, it is normal that they are a bit behind :-).

1. Invest the maximum on my 3rd pillars (6’883.- CHF)

No problem to reach this goal. The permanent transfers are configured and do their job 🙂

As explained in the initial post, a portion of my 3a accounts are invested in the stock market and have been earning over 27% return since the accounts were opened.

Interesting performance, isn’t it? If you want to know more, I let him discover how to have a 3a invested in the stock market (french).

2. Invest CHF 15’000 in the stock market (shares, ETF)

I have a permanent transfer of CHF 1’000 to my Interactive Broker account and then I decide what I want to invest in during the first days of the month. Depending on the opportunities, I sometimes make additional payments. This year, the goal can easily be reached.

For the month of July, I strengthened my positions in the CHSPI ETF by buying 7 additional units. In terms of TWR return since the opening of my portfolio at the beginning of the year, I obtain a reasonable 8.8 %.

3. Achieve a savings rate of 50%

For the month of July, I am falling back to 39.7% but my annual rate is still 54.3%. This bad rate is due to different bills that came in this month and quite a few professional meals out. We also took advantage of the “nice” season to invite friends and family over! I also refilled the wine cellar a bit 🙂

For the moment the goal is kept! In order to calculate this rate, I have to track all of my money coming in and going out. As already mentioned, I do this with this great app, YNAB.

Note : YNAB is not free and for this reason, it is not the most frugal solution. There are a lot of free GoogleSheets that allow you to do this job. It’s up to you what motivates you the most 🙂

4. Learning to invest in crypto – 2’000 CHF

During July, I bought some Ethereum, XRP and Utrust! I really made the effort to do some research myself and I must admit it was interesting! I added 50.- CHF to my Swissborg account and sold USDC to buy something else. As a result, I am now at 620.00 CHF of investment, which is 31% of my goal.

I’m a bit late on this goal, but that’s due to my lack of knowledge in the domain! I’m in low positive return, but this is due to the fact that I had bought CHSB in the beginning in a peak (error of my part, ignorance).

5. Increase my cash by 30’000 CHF

With a monthly savings rate of less than 40%, and after making the investments for the month, I still have 1’745.- CHF left which raises my annual goal to 61% (18’178.10 CHF). By continuing to focus on my savings rate, I think this goal can be reached!

6. Read 4 books about personal development or finance

I must admit that I didn’t make much progress in my reading this month. I will do better next month 🙂

If you order through these links, I will get a small commission 🙂 Thanks in advance.

7. Write 35 posts for my blog (in French)

Although I haven’t had too much time to spend on my blog this month, the goal is still very achievable!

8. Translate 20 posts from my blog into English

Having started this goal in July, even with the help of some subscribers, it is still a very time consuming task! In July, only 2 articles were translated, but all the pages of the site were already translated!

This goal will certainly be the most complicated to achieve.

9. Get 100 subscribers to my newsletter

Getting real subscribers is not easy! This goal is slowly but steadily moving forward! If you read this article and you like it, subscribe if you haven’t done so yet :-). Don’t hesitate to share the blog too 🙂

Merci beaucoup !

10. Earn 2,000 CHF in additional income

I was able to earn 280.00 CHF in side income during the month of July. It’s not much, but it’s enough to reach my goal!

I don’t include dividends from my investments or other investment-related returns! These 280.00 CHF are composed as follows:

  • 85.00 CHF from my participation in online surveys
  • 150 CHF for private computer troubleshooting
  • 45.00 CHF for selling a baby accessory


Overall, I’m happy with this month and especially for taking the time to develop this page and all the excel files needed to measure this progress! With an overall progress of 51%, I am on track for the end of the year! We’ll see how August goes.

Comments are welcome !

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