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After having gone over multiple traditional investment methods, it’s about time cryptocurrencies had their own dedicated page. We will therefore be talking about digital assets and more specifically about the SwissBorg app (nothing too complicated – don’t be alarmed). A product, made in Swtzerland !

(Small info : This article is a little particular as it was not written by Mr.GP but by Brisly (and translated in english by Ben Dao – Thank you) ! Maybe this name is familiar if you follow the blog’s newsletter regularly 😉 If not, you may want to read the interview conducted by Mr.GP to figure out a little more about me.. Have a good read!)

What is SwissBorg ?

SwissBorg is a Swiss company created in 2017 and headquartered at Lausanne. With roughly a hundred employees, they have created a cryptocurrency-based wealth management platform, which allows users not only to invest, but also grow your wealth and assets.

The main objectives of SwissBorg, as a Blockchain-built ecosystem, is to educate its users about crypto-asset investing and allow them to manage their funds in a simple and independent way, through their SwissBorg Wealth App. Inclusivity, responsibility, innovation, meritocracy and full transparency are the core values of this young Swiss company.

Furthermore, they are evolving in a very similar pattern to the Swiss confederation, that is, the democratic system that grows along referendums and votes. SwissBorg also has a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), constituting of voluntary users, that put their skills and knowledge to develop together a better service, while being rewarded.

No need to mention, the user’s opinions and feedback are extremely important for the growth of the company, and to provide the best product possible, accessible to all. SwissBorg has made a name for itself thanks to it’s ease of use and proximity with the community. Everything is thought-out so that an average newcomers feels welcomed and confident, and to allow the latter to complete the task he wanted to do in the fewest possible clics.

To grasp a better understanding of the size of the project, here is SwissBorg in a few key numbers…

… an app used by more than 420’000 users in more than 100 countries on the planet. The company has even won the “Mass Adoption Project of the year” award from AIBC last May. SwissBorg is a serious project in the middle of a whopping growth, who already knows how to make its place in the “decentralised finance” world.

Now that we understand SwissBorg a little bit better, and its functioning, let’s see what it provides!

What does the SwissBorg Wealth App provide?

As mentioned previously, the main service offered by SwissBorg is it’s digital asset management platform. The SwissBorg Wealth App. This is where you will be able to access an essential and complete list of innovative functionalities, such as:

Purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies powered by their Smart Engine

The first thing to do to own cryptocurrencies is obviously to buy some! Therefore, this is a service that we could expect to be on the app. But! (Because without « buts » life would be too easy), the platform is different than others even on that aspect of it. Indeed, SwissBorg is constantly looking to revolutionise the world of finance and to make it more accessible to all. It wants to make complicated instruments easy and has for that very purpose developed the so called, Smart Engine.

But how does this Smart Engine work? Well, the smart engine will automatically be realising a lot of transactions by comparing rates on other platforms like Binance, HitBtc, Krakem and lmax, to maximise the costumer’s investment. The client will always obtain the best rates for their transaction and the details of the latter will be extremely transparent.

SwissBorg favours quality much more than the quantity of assets availability. This is why the app has (at the moment) “only” 17 cryptocurrencies, and within these 17, 3 are based on the USD (USDC, USDT, DAI). However, other assets are added-in regularly.

The Purchase, sale or exchange f cryptocurrencies will always go through that technology. Furthermore, SwissBorg is also recognisable by its transparency on fees incurred by these actions. Where other platforms often use hidden fees, here, you will find no such thing. The fees will be at the highest of 1%, regardless of the amount. We will see later in the article that conditions may allow you to pay fewer fees.

Important fact: At the moment, it is not possible to deposit using a credit card. It is only possible to deposit funds by bank transfer or by sending it from another crypto-wallet. Users have requested that the company enables credit-card deposits and SwissBorg is currently reviewing that idea.

Asset analysis: A must for beginners

An app dedicated to beginners could not not include a tool to understand the universe surrounding cryptocurrency. So, anyone can get a glimpse of how all of this comes together, even with no knowledge of cryptocurrency whatsoever. You won’t have any more excuses not to do it !

As well as an amazing description of the available cryptocurrencies, other functionalities are available to help someone with a placement decision:

  • The Cyborg Predictor analyses an enormous amount of data to give you it’s opinion on the market.
  • The Swissborg Indicator and Live Graph allows you to follow the evolution of the crypto rated by integrating visuals to a technical analysis.
  • The Community Sentiment shows the general feelings of the users. Do must people sell(fear)? or buy(enthusiasm)?
  • The Market Stats allot to have a general recap. This tool indicated the cryptocurrency’s rank (compared to others), it’s market capitalization (how much of the cryptocurrency market it represents) as well as the circulating supply.

Other tools, slightly more complex also exist, that i let you discover once on the app 😉

Portfolio Overview

Once you have done your due diligence and chosen your first investments, you will without a doubt want to look at their evolution. This will be possible thanks to the portfolio overview.

As many other trading platforms do, SwissBorg has once again figured out how to set itself apart by adding functionalities unavailable anywhere else. First of all, the page’s design is really unique and pleasing to look at, but in addition to that you can see the total profit (or loss), realised and unrealised, and the total amount spent on fees, too. There is a functionality to see your allocation as well, in the shape of a donut.

Gaining interests thanks to the Smart Yield

Another great functionality is the Smart Yield. This tool will allow you to put your cryptocurrencies to work even when you are sleeping. Not bad is it? 

Yield Farming is using the same concept as your savings account, this is, giving you a small percentage of the funds, you have set on that particular account. Yield Farming however, excludes the bank as it is using liquidity pools. Liquidity pools are places where one person can deposit funds that can be lent out to other people, the latter giving that money back with interest at a later time. This system however, to be used efficiently, requires a vast knowledge of the market and decentralized finance. This is where SwissBorg comes into place, providing all the expertise for this to be operated for you. This will allow anyone to benefit from these complicated systems while minimizing the risks.

The Smart Yield, is a strategy optimiser. It constantly evaluates every investment opportunity available on multiple liquidity pool providing platforms and assesses the expected returns. The best return and lowest risks will be used to fuel the SwissBorg ecosystem and make them available to it’s users.

The Yield is available with 7 cryptocurrencies at the moment: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), CHSB (SwissBorg’s Token), Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), USDT and USDC (USD-based cryptocurrencies). Everyday, yield rates vary, using the smart yield technology (except for their token, the CHSB (we will shortly explain why). You will also notice that under certain conditions, you have the possibility of doubling your return with a premium account.

SwissBorg has developed a friendly and interactive way to see how much interest you are gaining on each crypto, over a given period of time, with a given amount. You may visit it by clicking here.

Warning: You have to know that stacking cryptocurrency is a risky sector and even SwissBorg recognises that. This is why ar their launch, SwissBorg has secured a security net of 1 million USD that protects from risks. Furthermore, 25% of yield profit are added to that safety net.

SwissBorg’s token, the CHSB

SwissBorg’s token, the CHSB, is an ERC-20 based utility token. This token is at the heart of the company’s finances. It is available at purchase directly in the Wealth App.

The company sees finance utilising the benefits of technology a lot in the future to make investments and detention of financial assets fairer between communities and nations. Summarized, SwissBorg wants any user to be able to take control of his assets without it requiring an expert.

We understood it well enough, the CHSB is the creation and perfect representation of SwissBorg’s philosophy. Therefore, we should not be surprised if CHSB owners are provided a couple of extra incentives to stay there. But what is the token for? It has many uses:

  • Becoming premium: With a certain amount of CHSB, you may be able to benefit of the Community Premium (2000 CHSB), or the Genesis Premium (50’000 CHSB). To become premium, you must stake tokens for a year. Which means that they are locked and you can not sell them before then. After that vesting period, you may sell the tokens but you would lose the premium benefits. You may ask yourself what the point of doing that would be. Well, premium members pay fewer fees, and get a bigger yield rate as shown in this table (differences between a normal account, community premium and genesis premium):

If you are not convinced by the number of tokens to lock, you may attempt becoming Community premium for 1 CHSB by downloading SwissBorg’s “Community App” and by completing all of the challenges (and getting all of the badges). The game is about predicting the price of Bitcoin 24 hours from when you cast your prediction. I find the game interesting particularly for beginners so that they can realise how volatile cryptocurrencies can get, and to bet without risking any of their own money (indeed, because the game is free to play). As well as winning a price reduction on the premium, you may also get some Bitcoin and CHSB as a reward! If you are interested in playing that game, you may want to open an account using my referral link (and we both get a little extra credit!)

  • Legislative power : As explained beforehand, the community is often called upon to guide SwissBorg into the best ways to grow. Only CHSB owners may participate to referendums and will then be rewarded for their participation. The 50 biggest holders are often part of all of this for example.
  • Reward the DAO: DAO members are the link between the community and the employees. It plays an essential role in the growth and direction of the project. SwissBorg makes available missions and tasks for the DAO to complete in a multiple number of sectors (writing, coding, moderating…). They are then rewarded with their very token, CHSB.

    (Note: Anyone can become a member of the DAO and complete easy and “low-reward” quests, however, to access the bigger responsibilities, an exam must be completed.)
  • Protect and Burn : A characteristic of the CHSB token is the Protect and Burn politic. This is a long-term supply reduction mechanism with the aim of protecting from sudden drops and rewarding long-term holders for being there. To do so, SwissBorg sets 20% of the profits generated in a pool dedicated to this very system. When the token is on the verge of entering a bearish phase (general an average of 20 days), the company buys back tokens on a secondary market and sends it to a burn address (inaccessible crypto address) to make it unavailable for the future. This makes the token scarcer which, elevates the value of it.

The CHSB has one more trick up it’s sleeve. As mentioned before, the yield for the CHSB is not determined by the smart yield, but rather by an indicator created by SwissBorg. The “Community Index”. This aims to determine a score, between 1 and 10, that will boost or downgrade the yield rate. The closer the score is to 10, the bigger the yield (and closer to 1, smaller it would be). It is updated every week, and announced in the Pow Wow on YouTube.

The Community index score varies depending on multiple factors: Total volume on the app, CHSB rate variation, Activity on the wealth app and on the Community App, DAO activity and social media activity. The more volume and engagement, the bigger the yield rate. This sets the users as a big part of their token’s returns!

As we now know, the infamous CHSB is useful on multiple levels and allows it’s owners to access multiple great functions. We have to keep in mind that as the project grows and moves forward, more utilities will be added to it.

How about security?

Here is a very important question every investor should ask himself before placing money somewhere. If you haven’t done it, SwissBorg has answered it for you.

SwissBorg declares that in the case of bankruptcy, user’s funds would stay unchanged and available on the account. No loss would therefore be made because they are separated from the company. The segregation politic will guarantee the security of the funds.

Furthermore, SwissBorg has implemented MPC technology which allows the retraction of the private key (passcode to your wallet) by the user. If someone gets his hand on the passcode, he has access to your account and there is nothing you can do about it, which is why SwissBorg has opted for the removal of that feature to guarantee that not from happening.

However, the funds from the yield are not 100% guaranteed. As mentioned, decentralized finance carries risks ad even while looking for the best return and smallest risk, risk 0 is non-existent. This is why the safety net is available, getting filled up over time the yield revenue, and will be used in case of major issue. In addition to all of that, Genesis Premium users have an extra safety net, with 20 million CHSB inside.

What I think about SwissBorg

I am a big SwissBorg user and I have been for a few months now. I must say, I am extremely satisfied with their products. I have done a lot of research to better understand the project and I think that their values and philosophy really applies to the current trend. However, after spending time on social media and different forums, I have noticed that there is a massive general incomprehension towards the true value of the company.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, finance is taking a whole new dimension and only a select few have understood that very early… as soon as Bitcoin launched. Regardless of how long in the future that is, I am convinced that we are moving towards a financial world free of centralisation or at least to a way of functioning in line with that. This, SwissBorg has understood very well.

The product that SwissBorg has developed is, in my opinion, the perfect product for people who are completely new to crypto and who will sooner or later have to adapt to the new system. It is simple, accessible to all, secure and minimizes investment risks. Admittedly, there may be a lower return than on other platforms and the fees may be a little cheaper elsewhere (sometimes!), But you should know that investing via SwissBorg is to secure your funds and be heard as an investor. These are values ​​that other platforms do not offer because they are mostly geared towards traders or crypto connoisseurs. Try to venture there a little, and you will notice that you will quickly be lost (as an average person) and that a lot of the information isn’t straight-forward and easy to comprehend. 🙂 In short, you got it right, SwissBorg is not made for traders and speculators, there are other platforms that work very well (Binance, FTX …) for this type of profile. It is destined for the world of tomorrow.

The technologies that it has created so far, such as the Smart Engine, Smart Yield or the CHSB token, reflect the values ​​of an innovative company that listens to society.

Remember that SwissBorg is a new company that is growing every day. Balanced by the work and effort of the team, and of the community which offers its skills and gives its opinion when something goes wrong (you too can do it). In addition to all of that, a lot of new features, which I haven’t covered in this article, will be coming out in the coming months / years which leaves me even more excited and confident about my investments.

However, even though the company is still very young, I still find that there are some features missing from the WealthApp, which I think are essential and could restrain some people from investing in it. For example, you cannot buy cryptocurrency using your credit card and the number of cryptocurrencies available is not incredibly large (17 tokens available). The app is only in English (the French version is coming this year), they don’t have a desktop app and it is not available for large markets like the United States or Australia. As for SwissBorg, I find that the marketing and the communication effort are not optimal… Apart from the community which is very actif on the networks (a little too much :-P) and some ads here and there, the project clearly lacks visibility, especially internationally. I think these are strategic choices, and that everything I have mentioned will change in the years to come, but I found it important to specify also the less optimistic side of my opinion.

I want to clarify that these last few paragraphs are my opinions only and that I do not have the crystal ball of truth, I could be wrong! But after a little research and discussion with outsiders or crypto-fanatics, this is the conclusion I was able to draw.

If you are interested in the SwissBorg app, you can download it via my referral link so that we can both win a scratch ticket worth between 2 and 100 euros. However, your deposit must be minimum 50 euros (or the equivalent in CHF).

If you ever have any other questions feel free to comment on them. I’m also curious to hear your opinion on SwissBorg! If you want to get in touch with me I’m on Twitter also under the handle @TheBrisly Thanks for taking the time to read and see you soon! (And thank you again Ben for your translation 🙂 )

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