Earning money by taking surveys

As you probably know, it is possible to earn some money by taking online surveys. There are many different platforms in Switzerland. Their ease of use, the specificity of the content and the remuneration are the elements that differ from one product to another. The purpose of this post is to test different platforms and to give you my feedback on these different products.

Why do surveys?

First of all, I think I need to be clear about these online surveys. It’s not a source of passive income ( no you have to work to get the money…) and it’s not a major source of income. I think it’s worth talking about though, because it’s becoming more and more common to get paid for participating in a survey and someone who does this regularly can earn, in my opinion, between 20.- and 150.- CHF per month. It’s not much, but it’s always worth it 🙂

The solutions presented below are listed in order of preference 🙂 The sections below contain referral links to these different platforms. I would be very grateful if you could use them 🙂

Vouchers or Cash?

Do you prefer to be paid in vouchers or in cash? For me, I would say that it really depends on the type of vouchers that the provider offers, but as a general rule, I will always prefer cash to be able to dispose of this remuneration as I want.

The GP family mostly shops at Migros and it is sometimes an advantage to be paid with Cumulus vouchers, especially if some platforms offer a higher “points” ratio for the Coop or Migros card than with cash.

[Top] #1 – AmPulse

  • Welcome credit: 2.00 CHF (200 points)
  • No welcome survey
  • Average of 4 surveys per month
  • 5.00 CHF per referred friend (500 points) : My referal link
  • Additional winnings via a lottery: Vouchers, cash, etc.
  • Cash payment possible, transfer from 30.00 CHF or possibility to get vouchers from providers (Migros Cumulus, Coop Supercard, Digitec, etc.)
  • Mobile application available on Android and iOS

It is one of the platforms that brings me the most cash. The mobile app is not very well designed, but it has the merit to exist. The web version is not really better either, but the “time to reward” ratio is one of the highest I’ve tested so far! I really recommend this platform. Currently, I am able to generate between 30.- and 50.- CHF/month without forcing.

[Top] #2 – Espacedopinion.ch (Meinungsplatz)

  • Welcome credit : 0.00 CHF
  • Welcome survey, 2 minutes, 0.30 CHF
  • 3.50 CHF per referal : My referal link
  • Additional earnings: Yes, ticket lottery, earnings of up to CHF 170.00, draw once a month.
  • Payment in cash, transfer from 10.00 CHF
  • Mobile application available on Android and iOS

Filling out the profile at 100% quickly takes 1 hour, but it is the only way to get targeted surveys. Once done, the surveys come in at irregular intervals, but the rewards are relatively high. In addition, each time you take a survey, you win lottery tickets that will allow you to win up to 170.00 CHF each month! The amount of sponsorship is also very correct with 3.50 CHF! As for the website, the interface is really well done and the mobile application, available on iOS and Android, is also very well done.

[TOP] #3 – Opinionworld.ch

  • Welcome credit : 0.00 CHF (0 points)
  • Welcome survey : Il y énormément de question à répondre pour avoir un profile rempli à 100% mais il est quand même possible d’accéder à des sondages.
  • No referal system
  • Additional earnings : no
  • Cash payment via Paypal or various vouchers
  • Mobile application : No

My first survey was in German, but I think that was an exception. This platform is really well done and offers a lot of surveys! I think it’s great to be able to combine it with other platforms, because in case you don’t get many surveys from other services, this platform allows you to earn points quickly. I use it mainly in web mode from my laptop, because I love its interface.

[TOP] #4 – Clubdecideurs.ch

  • Welcome credit : 1.00 CHF
  • Welcome survey, 2 minutes, 0.10 CHF
  • Average of 4 surveys per month
  • 0.10 CHF per referred friend + 0.10 CHF per survey (max 2.- CHF) : My referal link
  • Additional earnings : no
  • Remuneration in cash, transfer from 10.00 CHF

I was immediately seduced by this site. Indeed, the onboarding is very well done and it is the site that seems to offer the most survey variants possible. Indeed, it is even asked if you agree to test products at home, to participate in remote meetings for exchanges, etc. I really like the concept. I haven’t had many surveys proposed yet, but I think the platform targets candidates really well. I’m keeping it on the [TOP] list because I trust this platform and I’m especially looking forward to participating in surveys in a different form than just answering web questionnaires.

[FLOP] – Mingle

  • Welcome credit : 0.15 CHF (15 points)
  • Welcome survey, 5 minutes, 1.00 CHF (100 points)
  • No referal system
  • Additional earnings : no
  • Remuneration in cash, bank transfer from 20.- euros (2000 points), amazon and cede.ch vouchers

The beginning is a bit repetitive. We register, then, we answer some personal questions such as our date of birth, but a few questions later, I am asked my age again. Once my account is validated, I have a first questionnaire of 3 minutes (15 points, 0.15 euros) where I was asked my age again…

In order to receive surveys, you really need to take the time to complete the profile. This is done with many rounds of questions on different topics. Once your profile is 100% complete, you start receiving surveys. It takes about 20 minutes to complete your profile and you don’t get any points for it. On the other hand, some topics include content that you would have already answered, which is a good thing.

In the end, the remunerations are relatively low and you still need 2000 points before you can make your first payment. I haven’t received many surveys for the moment unlike other platforms. For the moment, I leave it ranked in a small [FLOP], but I am still waiting to see if I will receive more surveys in the future.

[FLOP] – Votre-opinion.ch

  • Welcome credit : 0.50 CHF (5 points)
  • Welcome survey, 5 minutes, 0.50 CHF (5 points)
  • No referal system
  • Additional earnings : no
  • Remuneration in cash, transfer from 10.00 CHF (100 points)

So I am very disappointed with this platform, because at first glance, it seemed to me well designed and really targeted to the French-speaking Swiss market. I was very motivated to know that my answers would help start-ups in my region to develop. Problem: after three weeks of registration, I never received a single survey…


  • Welcome credit : 50 points (0.45.- CHF environ)
  • Welcome survey, 2 minutes, 0.10 CHF
  • Average of 4 surveys per month
  • No referal system
  • Additional earnings : no
  • Remuneration in cash, Coop Supercard or Manor voucher, transfer from CHF 10.00 (900 points)

I really don’t recommend this site. In addition to not being ergonomic at all, the content of the surveys is outdated. Some of the surveys are really from 2019 and you can’t answer the questions correctly. Moreover, the remuneration is very low, about 0.20 CHF/survey. I advise you to pass your way.

[FLOP] – Mobrog.com

  • Welcome credit : 0.00 CHF (0 points)
  • Welcome survey, 5 minutes, 0.00 CHF
  • Referal system : Yes, 0.80 CHF per referal (Lien)
  • Additional earnings : there is a lottery system that allows you to win up to 100 CHF
  • Cash payout via Paypal, Skrill and EcoMatcher, from 5.00 CHF
  • Mobile application: Yes (Android and iOS)

The site seems to have translation problems. Sometimes it is in French, some error messages are displayed in German and some areas of the site are still in English. The surveys are not correctly translated. It’s a pity, because payments from 5.- CHF are not common, but it’s really very unpleasant not to be able to make a survey because it’s not in your mother tongue.

I would like to point out that I receive a request for a survey almost every day. So I’m still testing this service and I’ll be sure to give them my feedback so they can try to improve this platform.


There are many platforms for Switzerland on the Internet and their relevance is very variable. I’ve only been testing these platforms for a few weeks so I can’t really make up my mind about some of them yet, but I think my strategy will be to subscribe to about ten of these platforms, make the effort to really test them and I’ll update this post as I go along. As far as the return is concerned, it’s certain that it doesn’t allow me to generate thousands of CHF per month, but with a bit of assiduity, I think that a household (Mr + Mrs) could generate 100 CHF which is already a good thing. I would say that it also depends on when you do these surveys and for what. If you decide to take surveys instead of doing something “useless” like browsing on Instagram or watching reality shows, I think that’s valid. On the other hand, if you decide to take surveys instead of studying, or learning new things, I don’t think it’s necessarily cost effective.

For my part, I will continue from time to time to do these surveys during low moments and see what it can bring me 🙂 In the end, even though it’s low, I add a source of income to my household 🙂

What about you? Were you already doing surveys? Do you know of any other interesting platforms? Your feedback is welcome!

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  1. I think you just need to send an email here:
    and ask for the dossier to be filled in.
    It’s actually my favourite and the one that gives me more points !
    (if they ask for a reference, you can give my name but I do not think they have a referral program…)

    1. Okey thank you ! I will contact them right now and I will ask for the referal program. Maybe they have one 🙂 Can you just tell us how many you can earn by month approximately ? It is always interessting to compare to be able to focus only on specific plateform because having 5 or more plateform is really time consuming.

    1. Thank you Massimo ! I had try to use it when I wrote the post in french but I never find how to register myself on the portal. I just checked quickly now and I unable to find where to register.

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