December 2021 – Evaluation of goals and conclusions

To finish 2021 properly, here is a summary of my annual goals. As a reminder, at the beginning of July, I had put on paper the list of my personal goals that I had set for this year 2021.

Final results and conclusions

Overall, 91% of the objectives set were achieved. I am very satisfied with this result.

Some goals were exceeded, and I purposely locked the percentage of these on 100% so as not to bias the overall progress percentage. Here are the ones that were exceeded:

  • Investing 15’000.- CHF in the stock market : 117 % (17’600.- CHF)
  • Write 35 articles blog posts : 111 % (39 posts)
  • Earn 2,000 CHF in additional income : 142 % (2’842.- CHF)

Investing in the stock market was my priority this year! I started this adventure and I don’t regret anything! With a cumulative rate of return (TWR) of 10.98%, I don’t regret having invested money in this way.

Regarding the side income, I am surprised that I managed to reach this goal, because I was late to do so, but I managed to generate 1’650.- CHF over the last two months by selling quite a lot of stuff on the internet and reaping the fruits of my cryptocurrency miner.

The following are the objectives that were not met:

  • Increasing my cash of 30’000.- CHF : 63% (18’767.- CHF)
  • Average saving rate of 50 % : 80 % (40.14 % annual saving rate)
  • Get 100 subscribers : 83 % (83 subscribers)
  • Invest 2’000.- CHF in crypto : 98 % (1’959.- CHF)
  • Translate 20 posts in english : 95 % (19 posts)

Except for the savings rate result, I’m not disappointed that I didn’t reach the others. Indeed, the increase of the cash was not necessarily very judicious considering the reserves I had and this result is explained by important investments in my project of mining crypto-currencies in November and December. This result could also have been better if I had not invested 2’700.- CHF more in the stock market.

That’s it for the summary, let’s move on to the details of each item.

1. Invest the maximum on my 3rd pillars (6’883.- CHF)

No problem to reach this goal. The standing orders are set up and doing their job 🙂

As explained in the initial post, part of my 3a accounts are invested in the stock market and have been earning more than 30% return since the accounts were opened. I am really satisfied to invest part of my 3a in the stock market with Viac, when I see the performance of this investment!

What an interesting return, isn’t it? If you want to know more, I let you discover how to have a 3a invested in the stock market with ridiculously low fees! If you are interested, write me and I will give you an invitation link that will allow you to have your first 500 CHF managed for free! To make you even more envious, here is the evolution of the return on my main account since its opening in June 2020.

2. Invest CHF 15’000 in the stock market (shares, ETF)

I have a permanent transfer of CHF 1,000 to my Interactive Broker account and then I decide what I want to invest in during the first days of the month. Depending on the opportunities, I sometimes make additional payments. the goal has officially been achieved!

Objective reached! With 17’600.- CHF invested since the beginning of the year, I am very satisfied to have started with this platform! For the month of December, I continued to strengthen my positions in VT ETF (Vanguard Total World Stock) by buying 10 shares.

With a performance of 10.98% cumulated, this money has clearly brought me much more than if I had let it sleep on my bank account.

3. Achieve a savings rate of 50%

In December, I still had a 31.7% rate, after the difficult month of November.

Just like the previous month, I continued to invest a little bit in my mining rig project and I also had a bit more expenses because of the holidays.

I ended the year with a savings rate of 40.1%, which is already very satisfactory. Not having reached my goal is still a source of motivation for 2022, as I will analyze my budget in detail and try to find other areas of optimization. The investment I made in my mining rig should also bring me additional income every month, which will help me a lot 🙂

4. Learning to invest in crypto – 2’000 CHF

We can almost say that the goal is reached with 98%. In December, I took advantage of the Bitcoin’s fall to buy 300 CHF of this currency, but not much more, because I already had quite a few expenses related to the mining rig.

I know that there are ways to make a little (or a lot) of money in this field, but I refuse to get serious without having a clear and precise strategy. Even if the lure of gain can be tempting, I force myself to be rigorous in my strategies. I have subscribed to a crypto analysis platform and I need to take the time to familiarize myself with Binance to be able to make some well defined trades. Currently, my crypto strategy is simply to buy in bear market and hold everything. The staking at Swissborg makes me earn some daily interest.

Note : I do not count cash outflows related to my new personal project in this category.

5. Increase my cash by 30’000 CHF

With an increase of 1’707.- CHF for December, I finish this annual objective at 63%. Even if I am far from having reached it, I am not disappointed or worried about this result knowing that I have invested more than 17’000.00 CHF in the stock market, placed the maximum on my third pillars and invested more than 5’000.00 CHF in a personal project and 2’000.00 in crypto.

For 2022, I think I’m going to keep that goal, but lower it.

6. Read 4 books about personal development or finance

The goal was reached last month and I didn’t take the time to read during this month.

7. Write 35 posts for my blog (in French)

No worries with that goal. I realize that I’ve been pretty productive for the first year of this blog. I’m happy, but I don’t think I’m going to keep this goal for next year, because I don’t want the pressure of writing posts. This blog should remain a desire and a passion 🙂

8. Translate 20 posts from my blog into English

As you know, I only started translating the site in July and I just missed this goal for 1 post.

For 2022, I will simply remove this goal, as all my new posts are automatically published in both languages.

9. Get 100 subscribers to my newsletter

I’m surprised and happy with this progression knowing that I didn’t publish much content in December. Still, 7 new members! Thanks a lot to them ! If you read this post and you like it, subscribe if you haven’t already :-). Don’t hesitate to share the address too 🙂

Thank you very much

I am very happy to have reached 83 subscribers knowing that the blog was born in mid-February, so in a little less than a year, it is a number that motivates me enough to continue this project!

10. Earn 2,000 CHF in additional income

Je suis super content d’avoir dépassé cet objectif de 42 % ! Sincèrement, je ne pensais pas pouvoir atteindre cet objectif, mais tout est possible quand on y met les formes. I am so happy to have surpassed that 42% goal! Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to reach this goal, but anything is possible when you put your mind to it. In December, I raised 1’126.- CHF from two sources:

  • Online sales
  • My mining rig

I didn’t have time to get involved with the online surveys on December, but I’m happy with the choice I made.

I don’t count dividends from my investments or other returns from investments!


With 5 successful goals out of 10, the picture might seem mitigated, but if we take into account the percentages of progress for each goal, I achieved 91% of the goals set which is very satisfying! I found this exercise very rewarding and I will definitely do it again for 2022! Having such goals allows me to focus on important things that are important to me. It’s a real source of motivation when you notice that you can achieve what you set out to do, even if it seems impossible at first. With a little bit of rigor and common sense, it is possible to achieve almost anything you want 🙂

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