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The purpose of this post is not to detail the concept of frugality or minimalism. These two themes will surely be the subject of a specific post. As I don’t consider myself 100% frugal, I don’t see myself writing a specific post on the subject for the moment.

This post will first contain a table that will summarize all the topics I am trying to address to improve my savings rate and frugality. As time goes on, I will dedicate a specific and detailed post for each theme! If you don’t want to miss any of these great tips, subscribe to the newsletter now!

Frugalism in a nutshell

The trend and concepts of frugalism came mainly from the United States and Germany and are becoming more and more applied, at different levels, in Switzerland. It is an emerging trend in Switzerland that consists mainly of trying to live a simple life from a material point of view and financed as much as possible by personal savings (savings or investments). In its most extreme version, we find definitions that suggest a liberation from wage employment to lead an independent life. When you look into the subject a little, you quickly find yourself confronted with posts mixing the concepts of :

  • Frugality
  • Minimalism
  • FIRE Movement (Financial Independence Retire Early)

Whether a person applies the concepts of frugalism, minimalism or inspires to be FIRE one day, he will anyway have to and try to maximize his savings rate. In order to achieve good results, they will, at some level depending on these goals, try to optimize some expenses, and this, in a impressive number of areas.

The purpose of this post is to maintain a non-exhaustive list of frugal lifestyle habits that you can decide to apply or not.

Summarized checklist

This list will be updated frequently and will contain links to the detailed posts as I write them! Sign up now for the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything 🙂

Note : The majority of posts are now only in french, but I work hard to translate them ! In the meantime, I can suggest you to use to translate them. The translation is very good and enough to understand what I write in the posts.

SubjectEstimated potential savingsApplied ?
Budgeting – The foundation of everythingYes
Food – Swiss Top 3 expenses400 – 600.- CHF/monthYes
Transport – Swiss Top 3 expenses
—> How I will save over $500/month by changing my car
300 – 1000.- CHF/month In progress
Housing – Swiss Top 3 expenses500 – 1500.- CHF/month Yes
Hairdresser and beauty care40 – 200.- CHF/month Yes
Cell phone (subscription and device)
—> Insurances for cell phones are useless!
50 – 100.- CHF/month Yes
TV and Internet subscription50 – 150.- CHF/month Yes
Health insurance> 50.- CHF/month No
Electricity (french only for now)150 – 300.- CHF/yearYes
WaterNo data yetIn progress
Garbage / TaxesNo data yetIn progress
Cantonal, municipal and federal taxes
—> My Swiss tax deductions for 2020
No data yet / too variableYes
Bank accountsNo data yetNo
Restaurantstoo variableIn progress
Holidays1000 – 3000.- CHF/yearNo
Other monthly services (Netflix, tools, games, etc.)too variableIn progress
Leasing, credits and loanstoo variableIn progress
The sporttoo variableYes


I hope this list will help you save some money. If by the way, you have another expense category that is not on this list, don’t hesitate to mention it by leaving a comment under this post!

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